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Eric Maurice TCT Awards 018

Finalist TCT Awards 018 Best Hairdresser Of The Year.

Studio hairdresser and image coach Hairdresser, studio hairdresser and photo coach, Eric Maurice after having joined a hairdressing school at the age of 16, takes part in national and international hairstyles competitions he wins 31 1st prize diplomas including (scissors of gold, cup of France ...)

We are in 2017, hairdresser fashion studio for more than 15 yearsi he is Julie Zenatti, St Pier Natasha, Patrick Fiori, David Charvet, Elodie Frege, Laura Pausini, Ivan Trump, luz Cazal, Adriana Karembeu ... Ambassador Wella Professionals, Ambassador Jacques Seban, more than 12 magazine cover in 2017/2018 these collections flood the international press..

Eric Maurice collaborates with this brand through shows, product launches, training, shooting ... and expresses his taste for the show through musicals and live shows including our ladies of Paris, and mozart the rock opera

Become fan of the scene, wanting to show his artistic fiber, he travels in the world by performing hairstyles shows. Brazil, Japan, Canada, Russia or Spain are part of the trips he made to discover his artistic creations.

Eric Maurice puts his talent as a studio hairdresser in the service of scenic creations where Haute Coiffure and avant-garde Haute Couture combine. Like the greatest creators. Her hairstyle collections are published in the international trade and fashion press.

His collections have made more than a dozen international magazine covers in 2017-2018 Challenge gravity and transform matter. A major performance of this artist who defies the laws of gravity. Today we do not count the number of impressive releases on the international scene

Eric MAURICE, a charismatic creator, a Showman at the service of a passion: hairdressing, an activity: hairdresser and a service: coach in image.

ABOUT HIM.... Eric Maurice himself explains that he does not know how to describe the source of his inspiration, but that he needs to feel the hair under his fingers to create. He imagines accessories and uses various materials to create hairstyles. Defy the gravity and transform the material, a performance of scale of this Artist who defies the laws of gravity.

(Photos: Latil Pascal)

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