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Brooks&Brooks TCT Awards 018

Finalist TCT Awards 018 Best Haidresser Of The Yeah

Let us first introduce ourselves-We are Jamie and Sally Brooks also known as Brooks and Brooks. We met at Trevor Sorbie in 1990 and have worked together every day since then, the first 11 years at Trevor Sorbie and since 2001 we have owned Brooks and Brooks Hairdressing.

   As ambassadors for British hairdressing, the Brooks & Brooks brand represents the ultimate in British style and creativity. At the forefront of trends, the company presents our signature work all over the world, on every continent and in every European country from Austria to Asia, Australia to the USA.

    Whether planning shows, shooting new photography, publicity materials or videos, Brooks & Brooks pushes the boundaries to stretch every element of creativity: colour, music, mood, fashion, environment, light and beauty. 

    The dynamic of the Brooks & Brooks partners – Jamie and Sally Brooks – has resulted in a hugely successful salon, consummate international industry respect and recognition, continuous successes in professional and consumer awards events, and each of them securing ambassadorships with top consumer brands like Nivea, Diva, Batiste  among others

    The role of a creative means you have so many different hats that you wear, being able to use your creative talent in so many different areas from new innovative ideas, to understanding how to make your creativity work within your business and taking gambles and breaking rules – this wonderful career is full of new exciting challenges and is forever challenging and rewarding.

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