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Orlando Martín by Sociedad Peluquera

If we could make a DNA test to Orlando Martin we could clearly see that he has specific genes in fashion, in the widest term of the word. And speaking about hairdressing, yes, he started working at the young age of 14 in salons. But his vision goes further. He finds the perfect balance, between hairdressing and fashion. Between the classic and the most avant-garde. Behind him he has jobs in the world of advertising, fashion shows, image campaigns. ... Wherever he goes, he creates a special, almost family-like bond with many of his ambassadors and collaborators, creating editorials with them that have been seen all over the world in prestigious magazines. He is also one of the flagships of the ICON brand in the Canary Islands, a great coach who combines his routine with the direction of Live Fashion Hair and the TCT Awards. An event that for a few years now has become a revolution. Why? He explains it to us himself.

S.P. How did the idea of ​​creating Live Fashion Hair and the TCT awards come about?

At a dinner with Vishal Baharani in 2012, I told him an idea that had been in my head for years, I wanted to bring the best hairdressers in the world to the Canary Islands, and I wanted it to be here in my land, because here they would live something that they would never forget, and incidentally, Canarian professionals will be able to take advantage of this. The idea was clear, why travelling arround the world? Let's bring them home. So said and done. At a dinner of friends who met after many years without seeing each other, Live was conceived.

S.P. How did you experience the media and participatory boom that the show and the awards had two years ago?

Honestly, a little scared, because I said to myself, now you are playing with the Top ones, you cannot fail, it was something great, but I was very scared. This prompted me to be better and continue to grow every day. Today I give thanks, because working that panic that I felt gave me wings to be who we are right now.

S.P. If you had to choose a slogan to sell the event… What would it be?

Live / Live the Experience

Actually Live & TCT Awards is not only a hairdressing event, it is training, it is fashion, it is art, it is love of hairdressing, and it is also a meeting point between professionals from all over the world, bringing positions and cultures closer together, mixing concepts and styles. I think that is what makes us unique and different.

S.P. In this very turbulent year, Live is more alive than ever ... Do you notice the desire that the professional have to return to events, shows, formations ...?

It's a bit weird, because people are really looking forward to Live. I have had to lower my heart rate many times, I come up ea Soly, now I am in a more relaxed míos and I think… Live in digital format? NOOOO, THIS IS NOT A SHOW, IT IS AN EXPERIENCE. And experiences have to be lived

S.P. Personally, what has organizing the Live contributed to you?

An incredible international projection, direct contact with my idols, magazines and finding new friends around the world, can you ask for more? I don’t think so.

S.P. The hairdressing in the Covid era, what does it need to strengthen itself?

I believe that the businesses that contribute will be winners, and those that take from will be losers, it's that easy. We can get many positive things in Spain from all this, but we have to change many things, those who do it, will triumph.

S.P. On a professional level… collaborating with these first hairdresser swords and seeing yourself on the covers of half the world is a rush. What is it like to work with them in a small committee?

It is very easy, always ready to help, to add and very involved in Live Grow Ong, it is something very strange, when they are with us, it seems that the event is also theirs, and they give themselves 100% so that every day we get better, They advise me, give me ideas and give me their full support, they are honestly incredible.

I don't even tell you about our ambassadors, we are family and that makes LIVE FASHION HAIR great. Thank you very much Orlando for your time and for dedicating this interview to #sociedadPeluquera.

As he says about his event: "People forget what they experienced, but they never forget what you made them feel."

Ready to live it?

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