TCT Awards

International Awards of Hairdresser 
The Jury

Discover our cast of artists and professionals from the hairdressing, beauty, fashion and communication sectors. They are the official jury of the next edition LIVE019 in Gran Canaria on September 21. The jury with more international projection than you can imagine from Spain, United Kingdom, USA, India, Australia, France and Russia.

Richard Ashforth

Styling ambassador by Schwarzkoff professional and founder of Saco Hair. Recognized internationally for his directional and forward thinking ideas, Richard has worked with the international elite in the fashion industry, from David Bailey and Peter Linderbergh to American Vogue Tatler and ID.

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Vishal Baharani

Vishal Baharani, master barber and educator, founder and CEO of VBD Education wich for years has been an educational and inspirational company for barbers and hairdressers from all over the world where the methodology of thinking and reasoning when when workin excels. His educational system consists of four pillar: technique, knowledge, experience and inspiration.

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Kobi Bokshish

Sydney hairdresser, Kobi Bokshish has been crowned The Best Hairdresser of the Year at TCT Awards at Live018. A true artist with an impeccable eye for detail, Kobi has won numerous state, national and global awards since opening Intershape over a decade ago. He is a master hairstylist, a platform artist and a Matrix ambassador.

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Alej Fernández

Alej Fernández is a professional fashion photographer that in 2015, attracted by audiovisual art and his passion for fashion, decided to start working with Gumidafe Gutiér in a project called Hunter Haus, a place for artist and talented people. He works for fashion editorials like L´Officiel Lithuania or Vogue Italia, and he has publications in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico, L.A, Berlín or Paris.

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Sylvestre Finold

Sylvestre Finold is a style director at Toni&Guy and one of the most influential Avant Garde hairdresser in the United Kingdom. Avant Garde for him is a way to express himself and make the impossible possible. He won the Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year at HJ´S British Haidressesing Awards.

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Tim Hartley

After 30 years career at Vidal Sassoon culminating in his international creative director, Tim has left the corporate world to concentrate on his own stunning visions of hair design. For over 30 years he is been inspiring generations of young hairdresser with his passionate approach to hair, cutting edge aesthetic and technical expertise.

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Larisa Love

Larisa Love has overcome the odds and worked her way to the top of the hair industry. As an professional educator, hairdresser, artist, mentor, salon owner and new brand ambassador for Joico, she encourages fellow and constantly seek fresh inspiration. Larisa teaches the techniques she´s created on stages across the globe in front of thousands of stylist and salon professionals to help them build the career they want, with a little more love.

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Eric Maurice

Eric Maurice, at the head of his salon for more than 15 years, is the current TCT Ambassador of Live018. He has a refined technique as an artistic vision of the hairdressing world, fashion and trends. With that "flavor faire" indissoluble that define him, he becomes a legendary and exquisite artist.

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Pavel Okhapkin

Pavel Okhapkin is a Russian hairdresser and he is the winner of Best Avant Garde collection at Live018. He is one of the most influential hairdressing artist in his country. His Avant Garde vision on his collections are a masterpiece that always born with a potential team that work on the same way.

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Coiffure de Paris

Coiffure de Paris is the reference monthly for hair professionals. It is aimed at the professional hairdresser in its triple dimension: artist, technician but also manager or company management. Coiffure de Paris deals with both current industry news, trends from podiums and hairdressing trends and the evolution of hairdressing.

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Peluquerías Hairstyles

peluquerias negro100%.png

Specialized magazine in professional hairdressing that was founded by Lluis Llongeras, artist, writer, photographer, draftsman, painter and sculptor. He  is a lover of the female figure and the work philosophy that proposes hairstyles hairdresser is to be at the vanguard of the top trends in the hairdressing world.

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Beauty Market

Beauty market studio is a space dedicated to hairdressing and aesthetics for sector professionals with a web is specialized in different products, techniques and technological advances that guarantee optimal results in the creative processes. His expansion worldwide is a reality and his study is a reference in the hairdressing sector.

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The Showroom Mag


The Showroom Mag after 10 years of continuos work, has managed to position itself as the most influential lifestyle magazine in the Canary Islands. Its quality of printing, content and especially presentation, has made the Showroom Mag the reference magazine in the Canary Islands. It is a mag that inspires and informs its readers with an eclectic mix of high quality articles.

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@theshowroommag is a portal of resources and information aimed at professionals and enthusiasts of professional hairdressing, in which it publish the latest developments in the world of professional Spanish hairdressing. Xavier Bustamante and María Martínez were from the beginning the creators and engines of the media, both from the professional hairdressing world.

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Creative studio that goes beyond typical hairdressing. Dedicated to research, innovation and the creation of new techniques and aesthetic patterns. They use elements from various artistic disciplines to present spectacular collections that mix training and emotions in equal doses. Recognized professionalism with important international awards and by the best media in the industry.

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